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Trip to Turkey life-changing adventure for S.A. musicians

MainTripToTurkeyGonzalez and Nicholson, neither of Turkish descent, first learned of the Turkish culture from Erdem  Balikci, their former math teacher at the School for Inquiry and Creativity. With his encouragement they, along with two other students, formed The Balikci  Boys, a band that played Turkish and American rock music.

The band won first place in the talent category at the 2012 Language Olympiad in San Antonio and then went on to win third place in the music category at the Southwest Turkish Language Olympiad in Houston. Hosted by the Raindrop  Turkish  House  Foundation in Houston and San Antonio, the Olympiad is a Turkish singing, dancing and talent competition. During the competition, The Balikci Boys played a pair of songs by Turkish musician Haluk Levent. (September 23, San Antonio, TX)

Social Friday August

IMG 0278Raindrop Turkish House of San Antonio hosted its this years first Friday Social program on August 30, 2013. People from different occupations got together at this unique event and shared their opinions about the topic of the program which was Renewal. 

This event's special dish was Cig Kofte (Raw Meatball). Two Turkish men prepared Cig Kofte in front of the guests. Preparation of Cig Kofte had the attendees' attention as "It was very exciting to watch it being prepared"  a guest commented. At each program, different unique food, snack, or drinks which represent different aspects of Turkish culture are offered by the Raindrop Turkish House. Next program's special dish is Doner Kebab and Special guest is Berk Agar. Come and join us for this great moment of time on September 27.

(September 20, 2013. San Antonio, TX)

Turkish Language Classes Begin

Learn Turkish 1Turkish Language Classes Begin on Saturday, September 13

Raindrop Turkish House San Antonio offers Turkish classes for all whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker looking to sharpen your speaking skills. Our teachers are native Turkish speakers who are fully qualified to teach Turkish as a second language.You will not only learn the Turkish language but you will also participate in cultural activities

Tuition is $ 40 / month 


 Class schedule is as follows : 

Beginner Level Section-1 : Saturdays  10:00 AM-12:00 PM  

Beginner Level Section-2 : Tuesdays   09:00 AM-11:00 AM 

Intermediate Level           : Thursdays  05:30 PM-07:30 PM


For more information or to register for these classes please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(Wednesday, September 12, 2013, San Antonio, TX)


Why Turkish? 

Raindrop Turkish House San Antonio Hosted Ramadan Dinners

Main PhotoRaindrop Turkish House San Antonio hosted Ramadan dinners on July 24, August 1 and 6. A lot of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures religions and ethnicity have attended to those dinners. Just to name a few, officers from The San Antonio Police Department, professors and students from University of Texas at San Antonio and University of The Incarnate Word, and community leaders honored us with their presence.

The program began with an introduction that highlighted the activities of Raindrop Foundation and the meaning of the holy month of Ramadan. Afterwards, the dinner started with the call to prayer with English translation. The guests enjoyed the best examples of traditional Turkish kitchen. As they enjoyed the meal, a presentation of ebru, the Turkish art of water-marbling, was performed by ebruist Erdem Balikci. He displayed an amazing performance in his show and captivated the audience. The evening ended with the closing remarks by several distinguished guests who focused attention on living in harmony inspite of the differences. 

(Tuesday, September 11, 2013, San Antonio, TX)

San Antonio Turkish Fest 2013


FestMainPhoto3rd annual Turkish Fest which was oranized by Raindrop Turkish House San Antonio was held in front of Alamo Plaza between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM on Saturday April 13, 2013. Turkish Fest-2013 promised to present an authentic weekend which was pleasing to the whole family’s eyes, ears and tastes of thousands of visitors. The festival is organized to display all aspects of the Turkish culture and to revive artistic and cultural traditions, hence contributing to San Antonio’s celebration of its cultural heritage. Some of the activities include but are not limited to breathtaking performances of Turkish folk dances,  colorful exhibitions, talent show and singing performances and Water Marbling a.k.a Ebru. Among the exquisite samples of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, guests sh owed interest on Turkish gyro kebab, Turkish baklava and Turkish coffee. Also, Congresman Lloyd Doggett gave a speech to the audience and he stressed on the importance of diversity and living togther in harmony. The festival immersed visitors in the sights and sounds of Turkey, old and new. At each set, craftsmen demonstrated ancient arts such as water marbling, calligraphy and performances of regional music, and dance. Turkish Folk Dance group also returned with their awe-inspiring performances throughout the day. 

(Wednesday, September 4, 2013, San Antonio, TX)

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