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IMG_3809Turkish Cooking Classes Fall 2011 Contest took place on November 19th in Raindrop Turkish House. After five classes with the most famous and delicious Turkish foods, now it was time for the contest in which our students actually cooked! First, we watched a short clip about what we did during the semester. Then, the contest started! There were two tasks in the contest. First task was to make the pogaca (Turkish pastry) with creative shapes and make and design the Kisir (Bulgar Salad) as groups. Our juries checked their design and taste. Frankly, it was more delicious than we all expected. Our participants proved that they are really advanced. Second task was to answer the questions about the cooking tricks individually. After tough competition, Faith Tate was our winner. As a prize, she had a chance to represent Lubbock Turkish Cooking Classes in Turkish Olympiad Art Contest on February 18th in Houston. Of course, there were many other gifts for our winner and all participants. After enjoying with the contest, we had a great lunch with the foods that our students cooked during contest and many other Turkish foods.

Now, we are looking forward to meeting you in spring semester!!

(November 19th 2012, Lubbock,TX)