Earthquake Help Campaign for the victims in Nepal

NEPAL-704x318An earthquake hit densely populated capitol Kathmandu area in Nepal around noon on Saturday. The international airport in the city was shut down several hours adding on the chaos. Authorities said Sunday that at least 2,000 people were killed, all but 60 of them in Nepal. At least 721 of them died in Kathmandu alone, The Associated Press reported.


Seventeen bodies have been found at Mount Everest base camp in the aftermath of an avalanche triggered by the quake, the president of a mountaineering association told NBC News. Helicopters are trying to rescue stranded climbers.

As part of Raindrop Foundation's goals we participate the aid campaign initiated by Embrace Relief to help those who are affected by the earthquake. As you will see in the video footage by New York Times below, there is a big need for our help!!


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