The Raindrop Foundation and Embrace Relief’s Food Donation to the Houston Food Bank

IMG 0497.JPGOn Friday, November 21, 2014, the Raindrop Foundation joined together with the Embrace Relief Organization to help donate food to the Houston Food Bank, which distributes 50 million nutritious meals each year. This is enough to provide more than 100,000 meals a day. According to the Houston Food Bank’s website, on a typical day in the 18 southeast Texas counties served by the food bank, 66,200 people cannot afford to purchase food for themselves and are forced in hunger. Of that amount, 5,000 of them are children. Over the past couple of weeks, food donations from the community were made to the Raindrop Foundation and the Embrace Relief Organization. Over this period of time, we were able to fill eight large boxes of food which totaled to over 600 pounds. This is enough to provide over 500 meals to those who are experiencing food insecurity. The Raindrop Foundation and Embrace Relief are proud to have made a contribution to the Houston Food Bank’s effort in ending hunger. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who were able to make a donation to our food drive. Your helping hands will help make the holidays brighter for those who are unable to purchase a meal for themselves.