The cultural richness of Uzbekistan to be staged at Raindrop Turkish House at Dallas in Saturday Night Social on March 26th


Raindrop Turkish House at Dallas is pleased to announce that the vibrant riches of Uzbekistan will be this month’s culture to be celebrated at our cultural center on Saturday, March 26th.

Our precious guests will have the opportunity of enjoying the unique cultural tastes of Uzbek cuisine. Short presentations and videos will be displayed for introducing Uzbekistan, while the members of Uzbek community in Dallas, dressed in their traditional cloths, will be happy to answer any question about their country and culture.


In a series of events under the banner Saturday Night Social, Dallas branch of the Raindrop Turkish House offers a cheerful atmosphere on every Saturday for relaxing and having fun. With a different theme celebrated every week, friends and families gather for taking a refuge from the concerns of everyday life at Raindrop center in Dallas where they socialize with each other along with refreshments served.