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Raindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi Women's Association Hosted Nelda Martinez And Kathy Adame At Coffee Night

1Raindrop Turkish House Women's Association brought ladies from different walks of life together at another Ladies' Coffee Night on January 28th. City Council Member Nelda Martinez was the keynote speaker. Mayor's wife Kathy Adame presented her gift which was a handmade Turkish coffee set for 2 in a velvet box. Purpose of the gathering was to get to know each other better for a peaceful society in which we can live in harmony and honor the diversity.

After Nelda Martinez's speech, the program continued with presentations about the Southern part of Turkey, Turkish coffee and tea. Guests enjoyed regional foods such as baklava, çiğ köfte, içli köfte, lahmacun, börek, stuffed grape leaves, and aşure (Noah's Pudding). Guests were entertained with the games such as "Evet-Hayir (Yes-No)" and "şarkiyi değiştir (Change the song)." Winners of the games got small gifts.

The Coffee Night ended after the deep conversations embellished with Turkish tea and coffee at the oriental corner. Everybody was so happy and was eager to come to the next one.

(January 28th 2012, Corpus Christi,TX)

Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Council Of Culture Meeting

DSC_0001aRaindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi hosted monthly meeting of Council of Culture on Wednesday, January 25th. During the meeting Council members talked how organize the "Bugs Day Celebration" which will be on May 19th at the Downtown of Corpus Christi. Beside of this, community members mentioned about how to promote relationship with each other.

(January 25th 2012, Corpus Christi,TX)

Coffee Night At Corpus Christi Raindrop Turkish House


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Raindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi Hosted Neighbors At Thanksgiving Dinner

DSC_0069 - Copy

For the first time in its first year of operation, Raindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi hosted an exciting Thanksgiving Dinner with family, friends and neighbors from all walks of life. The dinner was held on Friday, Nov 25th. Menu included many varieties of delicious Turkish food and side dishes beside traditional Turkey and pumpkin pie. After the dinner, guests were truly enjoyed both the dinner and the friendly conversations. Children also enjoyed playing in our special play room and they were also given little presents. The spirit of Thanksgiving was celebrated in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

(November 25 2011, Corpus Christi, TX)

Raindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi Has Donated Meat To Metropolitan Community Church

DSC_0134Raindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi has donated meat to Metropolitan Community Church, on the occasion of the Feast of Sacrifice. Metropolitan Community Church of Corpus Christi thanked to Raindrop Turkish House because of the donation and they expressed that families will take advantage of this donation.

(November 21th 2011, Corpus Christi-TX)

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