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College Station Interfaith Trip Group Reunion
reunion.jpgInterfaith Trip to Turkey participants gathered at College Station Raindrop Turkevi Cultural Center on July 28.
Graduation Party

061807_217.jpgBryan, TX, June 18, 2007
Members of IDSA had a great graduation party celebrateted with TAMU PhD. and Master students.



College Station Raindrop Turkevi Grand Opening
collegestation.jpgRaindrop Turkevi has opened up its new branch in Bryan/College Station area. Bryan Mayor Marc Conlee, College Station Mayor Ben White, The CEO of Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce Royce Hickman, Texas State Representative Fred Brown's Assistant, local church and religous leaders attended to the Grand Opening. The new Raindrop Turkevi Branch will serve to the community in Suite 114 at 4021 east 29th street Bryan Texas 77802.
Conference on Exploring Models for Peace by Re-Exploring Past: Diversity in the Ottoman Empire
   Over the last two decades, the focus of world politics has shifted from ideological conflicts between the two Super Powers to the so-called “clash of civilizations”, which foresees in the post-Cold War era the collision of world civilizations on global scale. Built on the essentialist assumption of the primordial and intrinsic discord of the Islamic and the Western-Christian worlds this view predicts that a major clash will take place between these two civilizations. This self-fulfilling prophecy seems to have both legitimized and also was corroborated by the unfortunate developments on the Middle Eastern scene over the last few years.
  Fortunately for the optimistic, however, history does not fall short of providing examples that defy the selective memory of the advocates of the ‘clash of civilizations’ thesis. The Mediterranean basin, the cradle of the world’s greatest civilizations, has presented us with the most vivid and productive instances of cultural interaction and peaceful coexistence. While the cultural impact of convivencia in medieval Spain paved the way for the intellectual transformation of Europe that changed the world forever, Ottoman rule in the Middle East and southeastern Europe created one of the most successful models of plural society in the early modern world.
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