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Raindrop Foundation made a donation

DonationOctober 3rd 2103 on The Day of Caring, Raindrop Foundation did it`s part in helping our community by going down to Irongate Church. We packed and passed out bags full of necessities for the homeless men, women, and children. We also donated meat and jeans to the less fortunate. It was so nice to see the joy on the people's faces when we passed out the goods we provided. Our biggest wish and hope is that there will be an end to people having to worry about where their next meal is going to come from or where they will sleep or how they will take care of their children. All together, God willing, we will all be able to come together and work for a better world.




Raindrop foundation volunteers participated INDIA FEST

india festRaindrop Foundation- Tulsa once again contributed to the diverse culture of Oklahoma. Raindrop volunteers participated in Tulsa's INDIA FEST on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 in the The pavilion at Expo Center. The theme of this event was "Festivals of India."
The India Fest had cultural programs, variety of booths representing different states of India, food, kid's activity area, henna, workshops and Indian goods for sale, and many vendor booths.An estimated more than 80  people visited the event and were able to learn about Turkish culture.

Turkish Classes Begin

LEARN tURKISH NEW3Turkish Classes Begin

Raindrop Turkish House offers Turkish classes for all whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker looking to sharpen your speaking skills. Our teachers are native Turkish speakers who are fully qualified to teach Turkish as a second language.You will not only learn the Turkish language but you will also participate in cultural activities

Tuition is $ 30 for semester

For more information or to register for these classes please visit us at www.turkishhouse.org/tulsa or e-mail    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Why Turkish?


1. Turkic languages are the fifth most commonly spoken language. There are more than 250 million people speaking Turkic languages.

2. Turkish language is written in Latin alphabet and pronounced as it is written. Therefore, it is easy to learn and to pronounce.

3. Turkey is the emerging economic power with geographical and political ties with Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.  

4. Turkey has a very rich history from Biblical times to the earliest human civilizations, from the first Christians to a rich variety of ancient and modern civilizations extending from Troy to Mesopotamia.By the Department of State, Education and Defense, Turkish was included in critical languages category under the National Security Initiative. The initiative is designed to dramatically increase the number of Americans learning critical need foreign languages such as Turkish and others through new and expanded programs from kindergarten through university and into the workforce.

5. Turkish will be your passport to travel not only in many countries in the world but also to gain the heart of people in these beautiful lands.





yrmMr Orhan Osman and a group of Raindrop volunteers delivered food donations to the victims of May 24 tornados in Oklahoma. The volunteers purchased food with the money they raised from the small Turkish community who live near Oklahoma Raindrop Turkish House. They traveled to two of the tornado hit areas in Oklahoma where they met residents and delivered the donations to the needy.

Raindrop Turkish House Volunteers Assist Tornado Victims to Clean Up Their Neighborhood

photoOklahoma City Raindrop Foundation is in the process of mobilizing efforts with members and community leaders to help victims in the aftermath of Moore tornado. A number of volunteers from Raindrop Turkish House helped with the clean-up efforts last week to show their support and solidarity with their neighbors in Moore, Oklahoma.

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