Heritage Festival Showcases Turkish Culture

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The Raindrop Turkish House of Baton Rouge, at the 14th International Heritage Celebration presented the heritage of Turkey, embracing the culture and traditions of Turks, on October 23, 2011 at the Baton Rouge River Center.

The live demonstration of "Ebru" (the art of water marbling) illustrating the Turkish perception of beauty through paper, color pigments, and water attracted many festival visitors to watch the miraculous art at first hand. The authentic and delicious Turkish food (Doner/Gyro, Baklava, Borek/pastry, and Kisir/salad with cracked wheat), originated from one of the unique and splendid world's cuisines, left the flavor of a feast in the festival.

(October 23, 2011. Baton Rouge, LA)

Festival visitors had also an opportunity to meet and talk with the members of Baton Rouge Turkish community at Turkey and Raindrop Turkish House booth about their mesmerizing cultures, as well as activities taking place at the Foundation.