Raindrop Turkish House is on the Mayor's International Newsletter, Volume 7, Issue 12

Standing in sharp contrast to its surroundings on West Bellfort Avenue and proximal to Beltway 8, the Raindrop Turkish House (RTH) prides itself on representing a little piece of Turkey on 30,000 square feet of real estate in Southeast Houston. With shimmering white walls and a ubiquitous turquoise blue, RTH's administrative staff know that the building probably raises a good many questions on first impression, but they are more than ready to supply answers.

Raindrop Turkish House organized a reunion dinner for Alumni of Turkey Trips

Raindrop Turkish House organized a reunion dinner for Alumni of Turkey Trips from Tulsa at the Raindrop Turkish House.The event started with "Peace Garden" presentation.Then,participant enjoyed with delicious Turkish couisine.The participants shared their experiences about Turkey while enjoying Turkish couisine.During the dinner participant enjoyed with some photos from Turkey trips.The event also was a farewell dinner for former IID-Tulsa director Kamil Celik and his family.At the end of the night ,Kamil Celik,former director of IID-Tulsa, made a farewell speech.(December 3,2011,Tulsa,OK)

Raindrop Turkish House Dallas offered Thanksgiving Lunch to Richardson Fire Department Station 4 and Lindan Park Care Center
dallas raindrop turkish house richardson fire department and lindan nursing house4

It has become a tradition for Raindrop Turkish House Dallas to share their Thanksgiving Lunch with Richardson Fire Department Station 4 and with the Lindan Park Care Center Nursing Home staff. The fire department officers had shown their appreciation by saying "We really enjoyed it and it means a lot that citizens like yourself take the time to think of us. Thanks again for your generosity."(11/23/2011 Dallas,TX)

Raindrop Turkish House Dallas Celebrated Thanksgiving with Neighbors
dallas raindrop turkish house neighborhood thanksgiving dinner 2011 19

Raindrop Turkish House Dallas in collaboration with The Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Dallas Islamic Center had celebrated the thanksgiving with neighbors and friends. Attendees enjoyed the traditional turkey dinner in this early thanksgiving program, and thanked the foundation for being an excellent neighbor for the community. During the presentations, the importance of thanksgiving and gratefulness is emphasized from different cultural perspectives. The conclusion of the presentation was to thank God and pray together with saying "Let's thank our beautiful country, let's thank our living constitution, and let's thank the people around us. Only then can we truly thank God."(11/18/2011 Dallas,TX)

Raindrop Turkish House hosted neighbors for a Thanksgiving Dinner
_IID7849On Tuesday November 19, Raindrop Turkish House Houston Branch hosted neighbors for a Thanksgiving Dinner. The meal included delicious Thanksgiving turkeys. There was a 10 minute video presentation on the touristic and historical beauties of Turkey made by the Turkish Ministry of Culture followed by a quick presentation on Raindrop Foundation. The guests were treated to Turkish tea during and after the presentation. (19 Nov 2011)
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