Raindrop Helping Hands to Deliver your Generous Donations to Earthquake Victims in Van

Raindrop Helping Hands launched an aid campaign right after the tragic earthquake in Van, Turkey. During the campaign, Raindrop Helping Hands received about $125,000. Mr. Mehmet Okumus, the president and the CEO of Raindrop Foundation presented the check to Nevzat Yilmaz, the relief coordinator of Helping Hands, to deliver your generous contributions to the victims of Van Earthquake.

At 1:41 p.m. (5:41 a.m. CT) on Sunday, October 23, a quake with a magnitude of 7.2 hit Van province of Turkey near the border of Iran killing 650 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless. The temporary housing facilities, which officials refer to as "container city" currently host over 133 bin people. Also, there are people who live in tents during the cold winter of Van. Your contributions will help some of the victims and give them hopes.

Raindrop Turkish House hosted Turkish Consul General Mr Cemalettin Aydin

Raindrop Turkish House hosted Turkish Consul General Mr Cemalettin Aydin. Mr Aydin met with Turkish businessmen, academicians and graduate students and talked about the activities of consulate. During the program graduate students found an opportunity to talk more about Turkish foreign policy and the way of representing Turkish culture.

(January 28, 2012 College Station/Bryan)

Abraham Elected Sugar Land’s Mayor Pro-Tem Visit Raindrop Turkish House

Thomas Abraham Sugarland Mayor
Pro tem, Consul General of Turkey Cemalettin Aydin, Sam Merchant Community liason of the office of congressman Al Green visited Raindrop Turkish House on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012. The guests received information about the Turquoise center where Raindrop Turkish House is based and also learned about the activites Raindrop organizes. After the presentations, the group had lunch. The program was an opportunity to discover new areas for future collaboration.

YES Prep Brays Oaks visit Raindrop Turkish House of Houston

Teachers and students from YES Prep had a field trip to Raindrop Turkish House on Friday, February 3, 2012 to learn about cultures in Houston. A representative from Raindrop Turkish House gave a presentation about Turkish culture. The group also had a chance to take a tour of the Turquoise Center, the business center where Raindrop Turkish House is located. Turquoise Center, with its unique architecture carrying motifs from Turkish Culture, is a great place to be exposed to Turkish culture in Houston. The field trip was both educational and fun. Raindrop Turkish House welcomes field trips from schools in Houston. For information click here.

Raindrop Turkish House Corpus Christi Women's Association Hosted Nelda Martinez And Kathy Adame At Coffee Night

1Raindrop Turkish House Women's Association brought ladies from different walks of life together at another Ladies' Coffee Night on January 28th. City Council Member Nelda Martinez was the keynote speaker. Mayor's wife Kathy Adame presented her gift which was a handmade Turkish coffee set for 2 in a velvet box. Purpose of the gathering was to get to know each other better for a peaceful society in which we can live in harmony and honor the diversity.

After Nelda Martinez's speech, the program continued with presentations about the Southern part of Turkey, Turkish coffee and tea. Guests enjoyed regional foods such as baklava, çiğ köfte, içli köfte, lahmacun, börek, stuffed grape leaves, and aşure (Noah's Pudding). Guests were entertained with the games such as "Evet-Hayir (Yes-No)" and "şarkiyi değiştir (Change the song)." Winners of the games got small gifts.

The Coffee Night ended after the deep conversations embellished with Turkish tea and coffee at the oriental corner. Everybody was so happy and was eager to come to the next one.

(January 28th 2012, Corpus Christi,TX)

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